Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

I just did a quick search over at Amazon and found 1500 books on the Law of Attraction. And when I searched in all departments I found another 1500 items for sale. That’s a total of over 3000 books, videos, audios and even software for subliminal products all focused on the LOA.

There is quite an industry catering to those of us interested in using the Law of Attraction to obtain all of the things that we desire.

The title “Law of Attraction” is only several years old but the concepts behind the “law” are not new at all.

The most popular modern writer on this subject is Napoleon Hill with his classic book “Think and Grow Rich”. And he was preceded by dozens of other writers teaching the same idea.

So with this abundance of books, videos, audios, subliminal tapes, courses and seminars why doesn’t everybody have exactly what they want?

The posts that I write concerning financial abundance and the Law of Attraction get the most visits.

You would think that with everything that is out there concerning the LOA that everybody would be fulfilled and there would be no interest in my posts or the sale of any books.

So obviously there is something that is not working.

Now I am sure that there are a fair number of people who buy these books, tapes etc. and let them collect dust. So if you do not use the techniques then that does not count toward the idea not working.

What I am interested in are all of those people who actually work at the different variations of the system and still do not have what they want.

Why is that?

Let’s Use an Example

The Law of Attractions says that what we concentrate on with clarity of purpose and high emotions will be drawn into our life.

So you follow the rules and work on financial abundance or vibrant health or a great relationship.

But suppose that most of the people you know have bad relationships, do not have financial abundance and are not very healthy.

Or said another way, the world you live in does not support the possibility of these wonderful things becoming manifest. They do not exist in your world.

Suppose you were the world’s leading expert at finding buried water. You had a success rate of 95% on any given day.

Now suppose you were moved to a desert environment that had almost no water. What do you think your success rate would be on any given day?

How successful you are is primarily determined by the environment you live in.

If you live in a world that you view as containing very few or no opportunities for financial success, how can you bring those opportunities into your life? No matter how good you are at manifestation.

What Does All of This Mean?

All of this means, that if you believe that what you want does not exist in your world then you will not be able to bring it into your life.

And that is the problem with the Law of Attraction.

Before you can manifest something you first have to change your world view to believe that the things that you want truly exist in abundance in the world.

Until that happens the Law of Attraction will not produce the results we know that it should produce.

What to Do?

One person sees the world full of opportunity while another sees the world as a hard place to make a living.

One person lifts themselves out of poverty with the opportunities they see while another has trouble feeding their family because of the lack that they see.

Do these people live in the same world? Possibly not.

In my next article I want to talk about the “tapestry of life”. But for now I want to say that the world is a place of infinite possibilities and what we see in the world is what we choose to see.

One example is of the optimist who sees the glass as half full and the pessimist who sees the glass as half empty. They are both looking at the same glass/world but see two entirely different things.

Do you think that the glass is half empty person can manifest abundance with their world view of lack?

The first thing to realize is that we can change our world view and therefore change the opportunities that come into our lives.

When there are many opportunities available then the Law of Attraction works very easily.