Are You Doing it Too? Law of Attraction’s BIGGEST Misconception

Are You Doing it Too? Law of Attraction’s BIGGEST Misconception

As a Law of Attraction Coach I hear so many “war stories” about failing to manifest desires. So what is that about?

It’s about not understanding just how the Law of Attraction works. Similar to playing a game but not knowing the rules, we just keep playing along and never understanding why we can’t seem to win.

Manifesting your desires becomes easy when you understand the rules of the game. In fact it is down right fun. When you start to see your manifestations coming into your physical reality and you make the connection that you’re doing it all, it gets very delicious. So how can you get there?

It’s probably easier than you think. Let’s start with the basics. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. What this really means is that to attract something into your life you must become a matching vibration to your desires. This is where most people get stuck. Either they don’t understand what that means or they get stuck in asking mode. The asking mode is step one to the creation process but you can’t manifest from there. When you are in the asking mode you are vibrating from the place of asking for a thing you don’t yet have.

To manifest something you must move beyond asking into knowing and allowing then receiving. If you say I want to be financially free and then you follow that up with telling your friend you can’t afford to buy that new purse you are not a matching vibration to being financially free. You are a matching vibration to “can’t afford” so of course you get more situations in life where you get to prove to yourself that you really can’t afford the things you want. If however you saw that purse and you walked away thinking about how it looks, how it feels, how it smells and how it is to walk into a room with that purse. Really bring yourself to the place of enjoying your new purse. Play, pretend. Become a child again for a few minutes and enjoy the purse. Then let it go, knowing that you are a deliberate creator and you can have anything you want so the purse is almost in your hand. Let go of the how it will arrive. When you start worrying about the how suddenly you are no longer a matching vibration to the purse but instead you are holding yourself apart from it with thoughts like I don’t see how I could ever get that purse.” Or “I sure can’t buy it.” We get what we expect to get and if you can’t logically figure out the how then you simply doubt and that is not going to get you the purse. Let go of the how and let the universe simply deliver the desires of your heart when and how it chooses. Often things come from sources we could have never dreamed up on our own when we allow.

So what’s the trick? Act as if, feel as if and pretend as if you already have the thing you want. Enjoy the feelings of this thing you want now and let go of all attachments, simply enjoy the play of it all.

Give it a try for yourself. Think about blue glass for a few minutes. There all kinds of blue glass. I have some beautiful blue bottles that I use to make solar water. I have seen some really cool blue glass figurines. I have a blue glass dolphin. The point is what we focus on does come unless we push it away. You have no real emotional attachment to blue glass or whether it shows up in your life so if you spend a few minutes focusing on it and then let it go, chances are if you are paying attention you will soon start to notice blue glass showing itself to you.