The Law of Attraction – Your Key to Happiness

The Law of Attraction – Your Key to Happiness

Is the law of attraction the key to your happiness? No it is not, just as money is not the key to happiness even though many think it is. The law of attraction is simply the undeniable condition in reality stating that your thoughts become events in your life or in laymen’s terms, you get what you think about. Knowing that this law exists does not make you happy but it is the key to happiness, the key to unlocking your happiness through a deeper understanding of yourself and the nature of reality.

Here are 7 reasons that you will be happy when you take the journey to understanding the law of attraction:

1. You will be in charge of your future and have the skills, abilities and understandings to create the events that you want in your life.

2. Your will achieve excellent health.

3. Your relationships will be healthy, respectful and sincere.

4. You will take complete responsibility your your life and no-one else’s.

5. You will understand your immortality.

6. You will be able to live a guilt free life by understanding the true nature of time.

7. You will be a master at changing your belief system and creating the emotions that you want.

All these things on their own will give you a sense of relaxation, optimism and excitement that happiness as feeling is bound to be uppermost in your life. Happiness of course comes when you are being yourself and this is the real journey that understanding and using the laws of attraction offers us all. Being you is by far and away the most powerful person you can be and so understanding the law of attraction is as much about stripping away limited ideas as it is about adding new ones.

It is the combination of adding new ideas and removing old limiting ones that makes us different people when we have spent some time within these concepts. The real skill in using the law of attraction comes when you open your mind and heart to the natural self, a self that exists beyond the conditioning of society and training of ill informed parents. When you remove enough of limiting ideas the real you will emerge and in doing so you will be able to take on board these radical and exciting new ideas offered by the law of attraction.

Is the law of attraction the key to happiness in itself, no, but the person you will become when take the journey into understanding how and why this law can work in your own life will be very happy indeed they decided to take some action and learn something new.

The key to happiness exists within you now, it is just covered up and squashed down under limiting beliefs and fears that you do not need to have any more, maybe it is time to let them go now?