What Makes a Guy Fall in Love? A Glimmer Into His Ticker

What Makes a Guy Fall in Love? A Glimmer Into His Ticker

Have you gone through so many guys and never once have you managed to get one of them to fall in love with you? Though you’ve always been confident and self-assured, are you now beginning to wonder if you’re doing something wrong on the dating front? Have you picked apart you last few dates trying to find what the problem could be, but everything looks good from your end? Sometimes it can be quite difficult assessing ourselves. Either we don’t realize how others perceive us, or we just plain refuse to see what we’re really doing. Read on to understand the male perspective on love and women.

Sex or Love

Many women naturally assume that if they give the guy sex, the love will come. And if that sex is fabulously wild, the love will be even more intense. Well, while you might get the guy addicted to your loving ways in bed, his loving ways won’t make it past the bedroom door.

Men tend to look at women who are excessively loose as the women they have fun and party with, not the women they settle down and raise a family with. It’s up to you; what message do you want to send him?

Show him up front what you have to really offer him. If you’re shoving your bosom in his face, he might not realize that there’s an intelligent women in there. But if you give him a peek-a-boo glimpse of that magnificent bosom in a tasteful but sensual way, he’ll want to know more.

Basically what a guy wants to know is what you have going on in your head. No, he doesn’t want to know about your latest shopping spree, or the spat you had with a girlfriend over a pair of shoes. He wants to know the type of woman you are and if a connection can be made with you that will lead to more.

Some women can stress with the process, thinking they have to be right on if they are to impress the guy, but being yourself is really important. Sure you might want to leave your bad mood at home, but you don’t want to put on airs that will mislead him.

If he’s to admire you, you want him to admire the real you, not some pretense you’ve conjured up. As much as he wants to be able to admire you, he needs this from you as well. Show him you appreciate him and refrain from complaining or gripping at the little things.

When all is going in the right direction, he’ll fall in love with you.