Make Him Fall in Love – A Love Potion That Always Works

Make Him Fall in Love – A Love Potion That Always Works

Have you been dying to make him fall in love with you, but your efforts have all failed? Is he nice to you and you guys have fun, but you just can’t get him to go to the next level with you? Are you eager to have a great loving relationship and you want him to be your man? Try this love potion that will have him eating out of your hand.

Start by putting aside the love potion you call sex. Sex is sex; it is not love and should not be mistaken for love. Think of sex as the eventual goal you want this loving relationship to end up at, not start with.

With that out of the way, concentrate on just having a fun time with him. Just imagine what he’s going to think of you if every time he sees you he has this really great time. He’ll remember how you made him laugh, the interesting conversation he had with you and the way you made him feel when you listened attentively to his anecdotes.

The moment he gets home, he’ll be thinking and planning of the next time he can see you again. So imagine his reaction when he calls you up for a date and you say, “Oh, I’d love to, but I can’t this week. I have this charity event I promised I’d help out with. Maybe some other time.”

Wow! You’d love to… so he’s thinking you are into him a bit. You have something interesting and important to tend to… smart girl with a heart. His head is turning and he really wants to find a way to see you again. He’ll probably try again. “How about Tuesday night then?” Now, try if you can to avoid turning down two attempts unless you really have to. You should never put your life on hold for him, however if you have to shoot him down again, offer up an alternative night to see him.

Then again, he may be so eager to see you that he’ll simply offer to come along to your event. If it’s appropriate, accept his offer. If not, show your appreciation of his offer and let him down gently.

This independent streak of yours should resurface every now and then. Never let him think that you’re just sitting at home waiting for him to call. Keep busy on your own, have fun when you’re with him and refuse to let pressure become a part of this budding relationship.

Before you know it, love is in the air.