What Are the Attraction Triggers for Men and Women? The Mating Game

What Are the Attraction Triggers for Men and Women? The Mating Game

The way that a man and a woman become attracted to each other is a mystery, that although it can’t be totally explained, it can to a certain extent be generalised statistically; ok, there is no foolproof method of calculation but, without doubt there are certain male and female attraction triggers. Here are some examples.

So what do men look for when they are searching for their perfect partner? There is absolutely no doubt that the male of the species is a very visual creature, and in surveys carried out over all age ranges, professions, social groups and Nationalities; 80% of men put physical features such as beauty in the face, and good body, as essential attraction triggers. This can be put down to biological reasons, and to put it bluntly, it is simply in men’s DNA makeup. One of the more surprising things about surveys carried out though, is not the fact that men will mostly go for the best “looking” woman in the room, but also, that a lot of men are willing to date someone with little intelligence as long as they have the required good looks. Our conclusion? Your basic average male across the spectrum just wants an attractive female without being challenged too much intellectually. There are of course exceptions.

Women differ in their approach to finding a partner, but there is one characteristic that is the same for both Male and Female, and that is emotional stability. Both men and women prefer their partners to be stable characters, but the similarities end here. In surveys carried out across the female spectrum of age, nationality and social groups, 60% look for intelligence and emotional stability as more important than looks. If we dig a little deeper into the survey results we will find that women are much more clued into getting a male as a partner who is suitable for having children with, which could possibly explain why intelligence comes out higher than looks.

The result of the above surveys was looking into the long-term hopes and aspirations of the male and female psyche, but all this would probably become void, if the same questions were asked about short-term hook-ups. Men I suggest would give the same answer, but would women go for the “Hot date?”

The overall conclusion about attraction triggers, is almost certainly what we have known all along. Women are the more sophisticated of the species and when it comes down to basics, the male has not advanced much further than the cave with his club.