Using Creative Visualization Techniques

Using Creative Visualization Techniques

The power of the mind is phenomenal. Centuries ago, ancient spiritual leaders knew what the world is beginning to realize now, that everyone creates their own reality. People are constantly creating their realities but many just do not know it. They are doing it subconsciously. Creative visualization techniques are a way to become consciously aware of your thoughts. Focusing on these thoughts can manifest into your true desires.

Everyone and everything in the universe is made of energy. Even thoughts are composed of energy and they vibrate at their own frequencies. According to the laws of attraction, like will attract like. If you are putting out low energy vibration thoughts that is what you will get in return.

It is important to pay attention to your thought processes. If you are afraid and angry, then you will bring into your realm people and experiences that will reflect that. Visualization methods are a way to use imagination to create a picture in the mind. This, in turn, can manifest itself into a better job, a peaceful life, a loving relationship, or whatever else is desired.

One way to strengthen visualization is to look at some object in a room. Study it for a few minutes, then close your eyes and see if you can recall the details of it.

Combining breathing with creative visualization techniques can be very powerful. By focusing on breath and adding imagery for 10 to 20 minutes daily, you can create a dynamic meditation process that enables you to produce the reality you want effectively.

However, just thinking positive thoughts is not enough. Everyone has some negativity or blocks that can inhibit one’s progress. There are limiting beliefs that are operating in the background and can interfere with the manifestation of your dreams. Visualization skills can help you eliminate these thoughts but first you have to identify what they are. Once identified, imagine the opposite consequences of those images.

Visualization methods can also be used to enhance performance. A study was done with three groups of athletes. One group could practice shooting free throws an hour per day. The second group could only envision shooting basketballs successfully into a hoop. The last group did neither. The results showed that the group that did the visualization did just as well as the group that practiced. In other studies done, the visualization group actually did better than the other groups.

Creative visualization techniques can eliminate negative thoughts. They are so powerful that they can create a life without limits and a reality of which you can only dream.