The Law of Attraction and Attitude

The Law of Attraction and Attitude

When we take a look at the role of attitude or expectation, it’s clear that this determines the results in your life. You can always use “reality” to explain your successes or disappointments, but this does not explain why some people, starting in the same place, get different results. The difference is explained by their attitudes every time.

Let Every Day Be a New Beginning

Whether you are out of work, or broke, or just wishing you were doing better, it all depends on your attitude and you are in control of this. Every day is the beginning of the next manifestation. You can’t help but manifest because we all have dreams and intentions. Dreams and manifestations are involuntary, but your attitude is intentional.

So, if you believe that life is tough and you will only succeed if you have the best education, or money to burn, this idea creates an attitude of defeat and discouragement. You will not rise above your present station as long as you hold this belief and the subsequent attitude.

But, if you make the decision that life presents challenges so that you can show your strength and your trust and belief, then your attitude will be that of the creative person or the courageous person. You will soon see the path through your challenge to greater things. This is what allowed Mike Dooley to build his new company and to find success as a Law of Attraction speaker. It was this that allowed Joe Vitale to rise above homelessness and to become a “hypnotic writer” and a best selling author on the Law of Attraction.

Byron Katie puts it another way. She learned to stay in and to trust in the present moment, which is another way of letting go of disadvantageous beliefs and attitudes.

Trust in the Universe

We must let the Universe find the best possible route. For two years, I was exploring the Law of Attraction because I wanted to show my readers the way out of poverty and distress. Part of that route was to learn more about the causes of these things. I can’t know what your route will be, but I can certainly tell you what has kept you in the swamp, or the quagmire; the quicksand. So, if you have been stuck, the first most powerful change is to increase your trust.

Those in Alcoholics Anonymous have summarized this principle as “let go and let God.” This is exactly what you have to do. Often, people discover this themselves only when they have exhausted everything they can think of to get themselves unstuck.

The Whole Solution

To make the Law of Attraction work for you, you only have to do two things, trust the Universe to be providing whatever you expect, and make sure that you expect only good things to come to you. This will give you the attitude of joyful expectation that will bring to you whatever you desire.