The Infinite Power of Emotion and the Law of Attraction

The Infinite Power of Emotion and the Law of Attraction

Did you know that your emotional intelligence is much more universally influential than your rational intelligence? Perhaps you know that in some way. The heart’s magnetic and energetic field is 5000 times stronger than that of your brain. How come that’s important? It is important to realize this since when you want to transform an aspect of your life, you have to do it using the energy that will will it into your life. The truth is, your thoughts DO manifest, but your emotions give the turbo-boost to your creations. And you do not have to actually know every detail of what it is you want to make it come out ‘right’. Keep the details to the Universe. After all, the endless Universe has the broad perspective from which to align all the details of your creation. You’re enhancing the emotional aspect as a turbo-boost so you don’t need to wait an entire lifetime to manifest that which you want. You can get help today from a Law of Attraction Coach to get clear on your intentions and clean out outdated patterns of thinking.

Practice with trying on the energy of the emotion of what your existence will be like when you attain what you desire. Wear the energy. You will see that it feels very blissful, comforting, joyfully easy and even exhilarating. That is what you were meant to be. A new intention, the next desire, a new possibility, a new goal that creates life energy within you and then the wonderful inspiring actions that carry that want into your reality. It is fun. Speed up your results even more by receiving help from a Law of Attraction Life Coach and start creating your life faster than you ever thought possible!

Scientists have discovered in the laboratory that a person’s energy field carries the power to change the nature of atoms. We’re actively spawning electrical and magnetic footprints in the form of waves and energy working together and creating impressions on the physical realm.

We can literally shape energy with our thoughts. Thoughts in conjunction with emotion or feeling of what it is like to already have acquired what you are creating in consciousness carries it much faster – because there’s no resistance. You can learn the Law of Attraction Secret right now and live the life you’ve always wanted!

The next time you do a plan or have a goal-setting practice, attempt to activate your feeling of the goal achieved and let the energy that creates worlds be your Achievement Allie.