Make a Guy Fall in Love – Learn to Create a Strong Emotional Connection With Any Man

Make a Guy Fall in Love – Learn to Create a Strong Emotional Connection With Any Man

Would you like to learn once and for all what makes a guy fall in love? Are men really as complicated as they seem? What if you could figure out how to make your dream guy fall in love? Contrary to what you may think, there are a few things you can do to turn a guy’s heart toward you and make him fall in love.

It is very easy to confuse love and lust. Lust is based solely on physical attraction while love involves something much deeper. And lust rarely creates a shortcut to love. So how do you go about getting a man past lust and reach him on a much deeper level that will ultimately lead to love?

The most important thing is to make an emotional connection with your man. However, an emotional connection for men is not usually made the same way it is for women. Women bond through talking while men bond primarily through doing. Isn’t it obvious? When women get together it’s usually in a place where they can talk and catch up, but when guys get together, it’s usually focused around an event such as a ballgame or other recreational activity. Now this doesn’t mean that you and your man have to spend all your time together watching football or running a marathon. But you do want to create experiences with a guy where you are both engaged in activity that brings you closer together. If you can learn to connect with your man through doing things together, it will be much easier to make him fall in love with you.

Once a woman feels an emotional connection, it’s very easy for her to feel that it’s time to take things to the next level. But men tend to withdraw a little bit after they’ve bonded with a woman emotionally. This happens primarily because emotions can be a distraction to a guy. Guys usually aren’t multi-taskers. They do best when they are giving all of their attention to one thing and one thing only. If he has strong feelings for you, he sometimes needs to distance himself a little bit in order to effectively manage the other priorities in his life.

How you react when a man pulls away is critically important. You can either allow yourself to become insecure and start trying really hard to get his attention, or you can be honest with him about your feelings but also give him the space he needs to refocus.

You can start the conversation by telling him how happy you are in your relationship. Starting with the positive will let him know he’s not in trouble. Then tell him that you want to give him the space he needs but that it sometimes scares you when he acts distant. Let him know that you begin to feel anxious and worry that you’ve done something to upset him. Any mature man will want to work through this with you. Go ahead and take the risk of being vulnerable with your feelings, and he’ll begin to understand the importance of reassuring you of his love even when he can’t focus all of his attention on you.

If you can create an emotional bond and learn to communicate your feelings honestly but without anger or criticism, your man will fall in love in no time.