Make a Guy Chase You – How to Keep a Man Guessing

Make a Guy Chase You – How to Keep a Man Guessing

Do you know the secrets to making a guy chase you? Are you tired of watching other women make it look so easy? Do you wonder why other women seem to have no problem getting the attention of men? Listen up! Here are some secrets to making a guy chase you.

Make him put in a little effort.

It’s no secret that men enjoy challenges. Put this natural tendency in men to work for you. It’s true in life that if something is worth having, we typically have to put forth a little effort to get it. A man definitely believes this when it comes to finding that one special woman. If he feels that you are slightly out of reach, he will be inspired to work hard to be worthy of your attention. How do you make this work when it comes to making a guy chase you? Easy! Reward his efforts a little at a time. If a man has your interest, just give him enough encouragement to keep pursuing. This tells a man you are open to his advances, but that you are not too concerned with snatching him up immediately.

Give him a goal to work for.

Men are goal oriented. So give him something to work toward. If you put yourself all out there at the beginning, he will have achieved his goal and move on. Instead keep him guessing about you. Give him just enough information to have him wondering other things about you. When a man is interested in you, he will attempt to find out everything there is to know.

Let him show off a little.

If a man is into you, he will try to impress you. Don’t interpret him as being egotistical. It is natural for him to want to show you why he is deserving of your attention. Be flattered when a man shows off a little. He is communicating his interest to see how you respond. If he gets the right signal from you, he will keep it going.

If you are a little elusive and playful, you will have no problem making a guy chase you.