Law of Attraction – How to Go Beyond the Law of Attraction Part 2

Law of Attraction – How to Go Beyond the Law of Attraction Part 2

As we stated in the last article in this series, there is another Universal Law known as The Law of Conservation. The Law of Conservation states that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed…therefore, what you desire and want to “attract” to you already exists in some form.

See, there are a few layers to this. On one side, there is nothing to attract because whatever you desire is already here. The only problem you have with this is that it may not be here in the FORM you want it in.

So, let’s look at what happens when you’re trying to “attract” what you desire without noticing that you already have it.

First, you’re coming from a place of NOT HAVING. This place of NOT HAVING is directly polar opposite to The Law of Abundance which states: There is an unlimited and inexhaustible SUPPLY. From the view point of quantum physics, where it’s understood that everything is Energy, this makes sense.

So, here you are, visualizing, hoping, taking action and coming from a place of NOT HAVING what you desire.

What happens then?

This is where most people get frustrated because they think they’re doing everything according to “the rules of manifestation” and nothing is happening. Well, if you’re coming from a place of lack, then more lack you shall create.

The question then arises: How then can we tap into greater levels of magnetic “attraction”?

This where we step into the power of gratitude…Gratitude is one of the ultimate healers of Mind and Body. It is also the source of abundant living.

So I would ask you: Where in your life do you ALREADY HAVE what you are truly desiring?

Look deeply. Look until you find what FORM it’s in right now. Be grateful for it. Acknowledge it. And see how it begins to TRANSFORM.

More on this in the next article in this Law of Attraction series.