How To Get A Girl To Have Sex With You Using Time Pressure

How To Get A Girl To Have Sex With You Using Time Pressure

Alright stud I hope you are ready to hear the advice on how to get a girl to have sex with you. Getting a girl to have sex with you can be a very challenging process, even for us pro’s. It seems that sometimes they jump into bed with any guy that comes along, and at other times they won’t even take a second glance at a Brad Pitt look-alike. So what are the mysterious factors that cause a women to jump a guys bones when everyone thought she was a good girl? Lets take a look and uncover some of these details.

Time Pressure:

Time pressure is one of the most important underlying themes when it comes to knowing how to get a girl to have sex with you. It’s a common psychological trait of human beings to act when there is a time pressure added to the situation. You have seen those ads on TV when they have a sale and it’s for a limited time? Well its the same principle except applied to seduction.

The trick with using it, is to give a time pressure so that in the girl’s mind she knows that she has to make a decision whether to sleep with you or not. This puts a “pressure” in her mind that will hopefully make her act sooner rather than later. In a woman’s mind, something that has a time pressure is also something more valuable, and if it (you) might become unavailable in a certain period of time, then you suddenly have a higher value. It’s a double edged sword.

Now here is one of my most carefully guarded secrets. I will now tell you exactly how to use it to your greatest advantage. This is one of the greatest tools for seduction you will ever have, and if you use it correctly it will lead to many more successes.

How To Use Time Pressure To Create Action.

The whole reason of using time pressure is to get a girl to have sex with you NOW. Not tomorrow, not in two days, not in a week, and most certainly not in a month. We want her to act NOW. Now it just depends what time frame you would like to set up, and then using that time frame to get what you want.

My method of setting the time frame is to say that I am visiting and will leave that same day. That means that if she doesn’t have a date with me the same day, she will NEVER see me again. This forces her to either accept my offer to go on a date right there and then, or at least set up a date that same night which is not ideal, but can work. Even if you set the date the next day, it’s still not ideal This is giving yourself and the girl the easy way out and won’t get you the results you deserve. I wouldn’t recommend having a date more than a day as she will soon forget the chemistry you guys shared. A lot of guys do it, and I used to do it, and you will lose far more than you gain. An attractive single girl has a lot of options, and if you don’t seal the deal, she will seal it with some other guy she has been dating for a couple of weeks or even months. If a girl is horny she will have plenty of options to choose from if she wants to sleep with someone. The job of the time pressure is to make that someone you.

So again it’s really up to you to set the time frame of the time pressure. The more time pressure, the more advantage you gain and the more likely it will be that the girl will want to have sex with you.

Other Advantages Of The Time Pressure:

Knowing how to use the time pressure to get sex with a girl is one thing, and here are some added bonuses of the time pressure phenomenon.

In her mind there is no pressure with dealing with the “aftermath” of sex. E.g. you are in the same city and she might accidentally bump into you again. If you are leaving she won’t have to deal with these things happening. It’s a guilt free pleasure and she’s glad to have taken advantage of it.

She doesn’t have to worry about anyone finding out.

She won’t have to worry about you being a stalker because you will be in another time zone.

You are less available, so your hidden value sky-rockets through the roof.

If you don’t like the sex you have a really easy way to not see the girl again.

If you don’t like her you again have a great excuse.

If you do like her, how easy is it to “change” your plans and cancel the move. You can choose to stay for as long as you want, and if you still feel its not right then you can move on.

You can even decide to stay long term if you wish, and if anything ever gets out of hand, you can say that you are moving.

In terms if all the strategies used to get a girl to have sex with you, knowing how to use the time pressure frame is one of the best. Try it out for yourself and see what kind of responses you get.