How to Generate Instant Attraction in a Woman (And Make Her Crave You!)

How to Generate Instant Attraction in a Woman (And Make Her Crave You!)

Do you want to have the power to generate instant attraction in the women of your dreams? With just a little effort, this can become a reality for you. You see, attraction is all about following a strict equation. You simply need to stop doing the things that don’t contribute to the equation and focus totally on what does contribute to it. Here are some tips…

The Formula

The first thing you need to do is memorize the formula. It’s fairly simple so this should be an easy step:

Attraction = High Value + Wide Range of Emotions

Now I will go through each part which makes attraction possible, as well as some ways you can contribute to them:

1. High Value

A woman is never going to feel attraction for a man whom she believes holds a lower social/internal value than her. In other words, you always need to hold the highest value in a social situation. There are many ways to demonstrate your level of value.

Some examples of a high value man…

A man who has loads of friends and knows almost everyone at the club. People (especially other girls) are always chatting with him and people always want his attention.

A man who does not react to the actions and comments of others. This shows that he is not seeking ego validation (he’s not insecure) and he emits a very strong sense of reality. Rather can react, he is the one that causes others to react.

2. Wide Range of Emotions

A woman needs to emotionally invest in a man for there to be attraction. You can be as high value as you want, but if you cannot create a strong connection with a woman, you have no chance of creating attraction.

The best ways to inspire tons of emotions are playing the push-pull game and playfully teasing her.