Confession and the Law of Attraction

Confession and the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction has, at its heart, the concept that we receive that which is our dominant thought. Our lives today are the consequence of previous thoughts. Once we understand this concept it is not difficult to see what changes we must make if our future is to be better. Confessing our previous negative thoughts to ourselves and accepting responsibility for them is essential if we are to move on.

We each carry around with us a certain amount of baggage which is the sum of our previous negative or bad experiences. This is our personal history that will, unless we can find a way to get rid of it, hold us back from achieving our desire. Unlike physical baggage, which is all too easy to lose, disposing of our mental baggage requires more effort.

All actions start with a thought, so you must consciously decide that you are going to rid yourself of that part of your earlier life which is preventing you from having the life you desire. Having made the decision, you must take action immediately. You must admit to yourself that your present situation is the result of your previous thoughts. That is, you are responsible for you being where you are today.

Take some time to discover what it was that so dominated your thoughts that it resulted in your present, less than happy, situation. When you have found what it was that you were so focussed on, accept ownership of those negative thoughts. They were your thoughts, nobody else’s.

Confession is good for the soul. Confessing your responsibility to yourself will bring the matter into the open where you can deal with it. It is a liberating experience that frees you from the shackles of your previous negative thoughts.  By confessing to yourself and accepting ownership of previous negative thinking, you take those thoughts away from your subconscious mind where they have been working against you for so long. You own those thoughts and you can do something about them. Get rid of them. Lose your mental baggage and move on.