Income Generation and Wealth Generation – You Mean There’s a Difference?

Income Generation and Wealth Generation – You Mean There’s a Difference?

I went on to explain to her that because of our “programming” or “hard-wiring” that has been instilled in us to go to school, get good grades and work in corporate America until retirement, it’s a difficult task to get the masses to believe that there honestly is more to life that that lane. I went on to give explanation to her that after the first big depression, there was a paradigm shift in the thinking pattern of Americans. Before the great depression, owning a mom-and-pop restaurant, a general store or being a blacksmith or silversmith or any other business was a thing of the norm. People weren’t looking for jobs. They were opening their own shops. After the depression is when this shift in thinking occurred.

Gone was the security of generating wealth as a business owner. People by the masses were forced to look for employment to support their families and put food on the table. People were going to college to make themselves more competitive in the workplace. The steel mills and other manufacturing plants were hiring by the masses. People fell into a “lull” or “trance” of no longer looking to build a business but felt stable in obtaining a job. This paradigm took hold of America like a strangle-hold and choked the life out of entrepreneurship and the American dream in one quick breath. This affected our great-grandparents, our grandparents, our parents and it is now affecting us. The only way we are taught to make a financial living is by obtaining a job and keeping it. This is called “income generation”.

Because of the “brainwashing” done by the “powers that be”, becoming a business owner of any sort is a dream, wish or a long-shot when anyone that has a desire to become one talks to those closest to them about it truly becoming a reality. You hear responses like, “That won’t work.” “Starting a business is not for everybody.” “Be careful trying that.” “You need a lot of money.” “Why don’t you just get a job?” “You’re not smart enough.” “That’s impossible.” We’ve heard these and many other negative connotations when talking to people regarding our “wants” in life. Thank God for the last defender of free enterprise that’s available for those of us that still trust that there’s a different way to produce an income. Thanks to franchises, that at one point was almost considered illegal by our government. (Can you believe that? It was almost unlawful to be able to buy a chain of McDonalds.) The government voted on it and it was approved by only 5 votes. This should tell you something about change. People are afraid of it.

So what change is taking place now, right before our eyes? The change of wealth generation! Thanks to the network marketing industry, wealth generation is vibrant and well! It’s also here to stay. No longer does a person have to trade hours for dollars. Because of the network marketing industry, this industry has allowed the typical working class citizen to have the power to be paid just as a C.E.O. of any major company. If you look at in this light it takes away the stigma of a “pyramid” or “making money off people”, because this is how any company with a C.E.O. operates. This led me to an example I shared with this young lady. Imagine you made $10 per hour and you worked 24 hours a day for an entire year. That’s 8,760 hours worked. How much cash could you earn? $240 per day times 365 days equals $87,600. Do that for 5 years and you’ll have a total of $438,000. Not bad, but you didn’t get any sleep, never saw your family, never had a vacation or even went home. Not worth the 438 grand is it? That is income generation at its best.

Now let’s look at wealth generation with network marketing. You work exceedingly hard in the start and you personally enroll 10 people in the first year, and they do half of what you do. At the end of the year you’d have 50 .’ working together. If you only worked 40 hrs. a month that’s 480 per year. If your team worked only 20 hrs. a month a piece that would be 2400 additional hours you get paid from. That is a total of 2880 hours to get compensation from. As far as pay goes, let’s say you received $5 from each person every month. That amounts to $50 per month or $600 per year. Here’s where the power of income growth kicks in. In the next 4 years you duplicate the same cycle you did in the first year. You work the same amount of hours, (40 per month) Sponsor the same amount of people, (10). They continue to do half of what you did (5 per year). I’m keeping these figures small so that you can digest them, but at the end of year 5 you are generating $12,500 residually or $150,000 per year. Keep in mind; you’re personally working 10 hours per week on average. This is wealth generation at its best.