Why She Doesn’t Want to Have Sex With You

Why She Doesn’t Want to Have Sex With You

Are you becoming extremely frustrated with a woman you have the hots for because she just doesn’t seem to be convinced that you’re a man she’d want to be with?

The number 1 reason why you’re not getting your girl is because you don’t know the secret that causes women to feel deep intense attraction. The secret is seducing a woman’s mind first.

The only different between you having sex with her and staying in the friends cateogory is attraction. Without the ability to create heart-racing attraction, she’ll always call you up when she’s bored or take you to the mall to go shopping. She’ll treat you like one of her girlfriends.

Without attraction, her level of interest in you will plummet. She’ll think of you as one of the guys but you need to change this by creating a different image on her mind. She needs a good wakeup call so that she can see you as a sexual being that she desires.

Shock her mind the next time she sees you by chatting her up in a way that will plant a seed in her mind. Say something like,

“You know the other day I met this amazing woman. There was something about her that caused me to think. But I have to wonder if what they say about some attractive women is true, I mean, do some of them have shallow personalities because they rely on their looks alone?”

After making this observation, pause and allow her to comment.

You are trying to plant a seed in her mind that elevates your social status while creating the idea that you are desirable. Moreover, you’re also communicating that you are picky and won’t just date a hot woman because of the way she looks. This makes it appear that you are unattainable which creates sexual tension in women. But be careful that you don’t go on and on after she’s answered the question.

Next, change the subject. This will create an anchor in her mind for the next time you followup with something entirely different.

Getting a woman to want you is a process. The guys who are extremely successful know the secrets to keep building thoughts in a woman’s mind which eventually causes a switch in her to go off – for YOU.