Why Do Women Play Hard to Get? (Defrosting That Cold Shoulder)

Why Do Women Play Hard to Get? (Defrosting That Cold Shoulder)

When I thought of the topic, “why do women play hard to get” My initial gut response was, “because they can”. That really is not fair, though. I too have been hurt by women with whom things are going great, then suddenly, Bam! Out comes the cold shoulder. Why do they do this?

Why the games?

It could be for a number of reasons. Your job is to learn the reasons and intuit which one is applicable. The reasons they do it really depends on the woman. Sometimes they can even be a mix of two different reasons, but here goes:

1. She is not really interested but likes to string men along.

2. She likes you but does not want to seem, “easy”.

3. She wants to be appreciated when you finally do get there. If it were too easy for you it would be boring.

How can you tell which it is?

If it is number one, you better run. This is really where a little bit of discernment and practice will come in. Women that are interested and “then” give you the “cold shoulder” or play “hard to get” will often give you a few little clues that they “are” really interested.

It is not always easy for a guy to figure out the difference between a woman playing hard to get and just naturally putting a guy off because she isn’t interested.

If you think she “might” be really interested though, here are a few steps to combat that “hard to get” and hopefully end up with the girl.

If you have been calling her every day, stop. Wait 2-3 days before calling her again. A couple things can happen. She may blink first and call you to see why you have not called. If she calls know for sure she is interested.

But she may not call you. it is fine to ultimately call her back. Just wait those few days first. When you do call her back listen carefully to what she says. If she seems upset or hurt that you did not call for a while, you are likely good. She is interested.

If she talks to you as if you just spoke two hours ago, you likely have a problem and you should cut bait and run.

Other subtle reasons why women are playing hard to get

Another great way to tell is to pay attention to body language. This is one of the surest ways to tell. When she is talking to you is she leaning into you? Does she smile at you a lot? The trick is to pick up on subtle clues she gives away with her body language. Body Language Cues can give away a lot more than she realizes. It can even lead you to exactly what she is really thinking.