Introduction: The Intersection of Golf and Fashion

Golf has always been more than a sport; it’s a style statement, a sartorial expression played out on the greens and fairways. From the early days of tweed jackets to the modern era of athletic performance wear, golf attire has evolved significantly, primarily influenced by the sport’s most iconic players. This article will celebrate those golfing legends whose sartorial choices have left an indelible mark on how we dress for the game today. In doing so, we’ll also subtly highlight how Function18 continues this tradition, offering apparel that captures the essence of golf’s fashion evolution.


The connection between golf and fashion is longstanding and multifaceted. Golfers are known for their unique blend of comfort, functionality, and style, often reflected in broader fashion trends. The sport has seen styles ranging from the traditional to the flamboyant striking new benchmarks in golfing attire. As we delve into the stories of golf’s most iconic players, we will see how their styles impacted not just their peers but entire generations of golf enthusiasts.


Function18 is a testament to this legacy, offering a range of golfing attire that speaks to both the traditionalist and the modernist golfer. Whether the classic polos were reminiscent of Palmer and Nicklaus or the bold patterns inspired by Payne Stewart, Function18 ensures that every golfer can find their unique style statement.


As we embark on this journey through the annals of golf fashion, let’s appreciate how these icons have shaped a sport and a way of life. Their influence extends beyond the golf course into the wardrobes of millions who seek to embody golf’s elegance, flair, and spirit in their everyday attire.


In the early days of golf, fashion was as much a part of the game as the clubs and balls. The early trendsetters, like Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen, were not just masters of the sport but also pioneers of golf fashion. They brought a sense of elegance and style to the fairways that had never been seen before.


Bobby Jones, often considered the first true gentleman of golf, was known for his impeccable style. His attire typically included beautifully tailored shirts, ties, and the iconic plus fours (trousers that ended four inches below the knee). This look exuded class and allowed for more significant movement during play. Similarly, with his elegant charm, Walter Hagen introduced the golfing world to the concept of matching ensembles, adding a touch of glamour to the sport.


These early styles have left a lasting legacy in golf fashion, influencing generations of golfers. On Function18, one can find modern equivalents of these classic styles – polos and trousers that echo the elegance of Jones and Hagen yet are designed for today’s game. Brands like J.Lindeberg and Galvin Green, available on Function18, seamlessly blend this traditional elegance with contemporary functionality.


Looking back at these early fashion icons, it’s clear that their influence was not just about the clothes they wore but also about the attitude they brought to the game. They played with a grace and elegance that transcended the sport, making them champions of golf and style. Their legacy lives on in the classic collections available on Function18, reminding us that style in golf is as important as the swing.


Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, two titans of golf, not only transformed how the game was played but also how it was perceived in terms of style. Their era marked a transition from the striking to a more refined, sophisticated golf look, setting a new standard for golf fashion.


Arnold Palmer, affectionately known as ‘The King’, brought a charismatic yet approachable style to golf. His signature look – fitted trousers, short-sleeved polos, and the classic cardigan – resonated with the elite and the everyday golfer. Palmer’s style was effortlessly cool, blending comfort and class, making him a fashion icon on and off the course.


Jack Nicklaus, often called ‘The Golden Bear’, also exuded a polished style that mirrored his precise and calculated approach to the game. His classic, clean-cut look, often featuring light colours and simple patterns, epitomised the professionalism of golf. Nicklaus’ style was less about making a fashion statement and more about embodying the ethos of a champion – understated yet undeniable.


Today, brands like Adidas, available on Function18, capture the essence of Palmer’s and Nicklaus’ style. These brands offer golf apparel that is not only stylish and sophisticated but also incorporates modern fabrics and technology for enhanced performance. The result is a collection that speaks to the golfer who values both form and function – who understands that looking good is an integral part of playing well.


Palmer and Nicklaus set the tone for a new era in golf fashion that married traditional elegance with modern practicality. Their legacy is evident in the apparel choices of today’s golfers, many of whom turn to Function18 to find attire that reflects the refined style of these legends.


Payne Stewart, known for his flamboyant attire, brought a dash of colour and personality to the golf course, making a bold fashion statement that still resonates in the sport today. His distinctive style was a refreshing contrast to the more subdued looks of his contemporaries.

Stewart was famous for his patterned plus fours, coordinating his outfits with vibrant colours, and his trademark tam-o’-shanter cap. His style was not just about standing out; it was an expression of his personality — confident, unique, and always true to himself. Stewart’s attire was a throwback to the early days of golf, yet he made it distinctly modern and relevant.


The spirit of Payne Stewart’s style lives on in the collections found on Function18. Brands like J.Lindeberg and Nike offer golf attire that reflects Stewart’s boldness and individuality. These modern designs, with their bright colours and bold patterns, encourage golfers to express their unique style on the course.


Stewart’s impact on golf fashion extends beyond just the aesthetic; he inspired golfers to see clothing as self-expression. In a sport often bound by tradition and rules, Payne Stewart showed that there is room for individuality and flair. His legacy is a reminder that golf is not just a physical game but also a canvas for personal expression.


Function18’s range includes pieces that capture this spirit, allowing golfers to make their style statement. Whether through a brightly coloured polo or a pair of patterned trousers, the modern golfer can channel Stewart’s iconic look, blending traditional golf attire with a personal flair.


Tiger Woods’ impact on golf transcends his extraordinary achievements; he has also revolutionised golf attire. Woods brought a modern, athletic dimension to golf fashion, integrating performance technology and contemporary styles that changed the game’s wardrobe.


From his early days on tour, Woods favoured a more athletic look, often seen in form-fitting Nike polos and sleek, moisture-wicking fabrics. This was a stark departure from previous generations’ looser, more traditional styles. Woods’ attire showcased a blend of functionality and fashion, highlighting the evolution of golf wear into high-performance sportswear.


His partnership with Nike led to innovative golf apparel focused on comfort, mobility, and performance. Technologies like Dri-FIT, designed to wick moisture away from the body, and stretchable fabrics that enhance range of motion have become staples in golf attire. Woods introduced these features, demonstrating that golf clothing could be stylish and scientifically advanced.


Function18 offers a range of golf apparel embodying this modern approach that Tiger Woods championed. Brands like Nike continue to push the boundaries, creating golf wear that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also packed with technology to improve the golfing experience. From advanced fabrics to ergonomic designs, the influence of Woods is evident in the modern golf wardrobe.


Tiger Woods’ influence on golf fashion reflects the sport’s progression towards a more athletic, performance-oriented mindset. His legacy is not just in the records he’s set but also in how he’s redefined golf attire, making it more attuned to the modern golfer’s needs. Function18’s collection is a testament to this evolution, offering golfers attire at the forefront of style and technology.


Female golfers like Annika Sörenstam and Michelle Wie have profoundly influenced golf fashion. These iconic players have brought a unique blend of femininity and athletic functionality to women’s golf wear, redefining the standards and expectations of attire.


Annika Sörenstam, with her graceful and poised presence, introduced a style that was both elegant and practical, resonating with the ethos of the sport. Her attire often featured classic lines and subtle colours complemented by sophistication. This approach to golf fashion highlighted her skill and emphasised the role of attire in enhancing a player’s presence on the course.

On the other hand, Michelle Wie has been known for her bold and expressive style choices. Her fashion sense blends athletic practicality with contemporary trends, often incorporating bright colours and bold patterns. Wie’s approach to golf fashion has encouraged a younger generation of golfers to see the sport as a platform for athletic performance and personal style expression.


Function18’s collection mirrors this evolution in women’s golf fashion. The range available on the site includes attire that encapsulates the elegance of Sörenstam’s style and the boldness of Wie’s, offering something for every female golfer. From sleek skirts and trousers to vibrant tops, these pieces are designed to provide comfort, functionality, and style, embodying the legacy of these influential female golfers.


The impact of female golfers on the sport’s fashion is significant. They have excelled in their game and inspired changes in how women’s golf attire is perceived and designed. Function18 acknowledges this influence by providing a range that celebrates the fusion of femininity and functionality in golf wear, empowering female golfers to make their mark on and off the course.


Recently, golf fashion has been notably shaped by contemporary players like Rickie Fowler and Rory McIlroy, who are recognised for their distinctive styles. These golfers have become influencers in their own right, setting trends and inspiring a new wave of golf fashion.


Rickie Fowler is mainly known for his vibrant and youthful style on the course. His preference for bright, eye-catching colours and modern designs has made him a fashion icon in golf. Fowler’s attire choices often reflect a blend of sporty and casual, resonating with a younger demographic and redefining traditional golf wear norms.


Rory McIlroy, sponsored by brands like Nike, has also brought a fresh perspective to golf fashion. His style is classic and contemporary, wearing sleek, well-fitted garments that emphasise a more athletic look. McIlroy’s fashion sense is about sophistication and performance, highlighting how attire can enhance a golfer’s confidence and presence.


Function18’s collection includes apparel that echoes the trends set by these contemporary players. Brands like Under Armour, featured on the site, offer clothing that embodies the modern golfer’s style – functional, fashionable, and forward-looking. These pieces reflect the influence of players like Fowler and McIlroy, catering to golfers who appreciate a blend of traditional and modern golf attire.


The influence of contemporary style icons in golf demonstrates the sport’s evolving fashion landscape. It underscores how individual style and brand partnerships shape how golf apparel is perceived and worn. Function18 recognises this shift, offering a range that aligns with the preferences of today’s golfers, inspired by the styles of influential figures like Fowler and McIlroy.


As we reflect on the journey of golf fashion from the early 20th century to the present day, it’s evident that the sport’s attire has undergone a remarkable transformation. This evolution has been significantly influenced by iconic players whose styles and preferences have shaped the game’s aesthetic.


From the traditional and formal attire of the early golfing era to today’s vibrant and diverse styles, golf fashion has mirrored societal trends, technological advancements, and cultural shifts. The influence of players from Bobby Jones to Tiger Woods and from Annika Sörenstam to Rory McIlroy has been pivotal in this transformation. Each era brought its unique flair, with players introducing new trends, whether it be in colour, design, or material.


Today, golf fashion is not just about functionality but also about making a statement on the course. It’s about expressing individuality while respecting the game’s traditions. Function18 stands as a testament to this evolution. The platform offers a wide range of apparel that resonates with the legacy of these fashion icons, allowing golfers to express their unique style on the course.


Function18’s collection caters to the modern golfer’s needs, providing options that range from classic to contemporary, all while ensuring performance and comfort. It’s a hub where the past and present of golf fashion converge, offering golfers a chance to be a part of this evolving fashion story.


In conclusion, as golf continues to evolve, so does its fashion. The influence of iconic players remains a driving force in shaping sports trends and styles. Function18 celebrates this evolution, offering golfers a platform to find apparel that enhances their game and allows them to carry the legacy of these fashion icons onto the green.

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