Body Weight is Emotional in Nature – Upgrade it and See The Results

Body Weight is Emotional in Nature – Upgrade it and See The Results

When it comes to losing weight, the most difficult thing for most people to admit is that they haven’t a clue as to what works and what does not work to completely have the issue disappear. Hence ones life is consumed by or at least annoyed by a conversation about its affect on them. It is not a happy and joyful ingredient in the everyday mix of emotions we bring to life. I have written a number of articles on how emotions fix one’s life in one way or another. Perhaps you’d like to look at it from this angle.

The marketplace itself shows you how big an industry weight issues play in such a large segment of the population, in children as well as adults. What if you no longer needed to spend money, time and effort in adhering to programs, and you also did not have to have another conversation about your weight. Unless the entire time you spend talking and thinking about your weight is happy and joyful – stop. You can not achieve anything lasting if you are not happily engaged with it.

Have you ever thought that dieting itself is what keeps you stuck at the weight you fight? Weight is not the problem, or lack of it for some, it’s the feelings and emotions you don’t like. It’s what you have made it mean and there is great resistance to that.

Do you have an ideal body weight you’d like to have for the rest of your life? What is the experience you’d be feeling if you looked perfect to yourself? How would you feel in the presence of yourself and your intimately close loved ones and people in the world? Know what you want in feelings and emotions. And it wouldn’t hurt to get even clearer about what you see for yourself in the near future. The secret is, you want a feeling foremost, and if you get that, your body weight will soon follow.

What you want is better feeling emotions not the feelings and emotions you resist having. Give attention to what you are beginning to feel and are going to feel more of. Release emotions you do not want – not the weight or the appearance – but the emotions you do not want. I refer to the iCap which is one of my favorite emotional release tools, you might want to check it out.

All the conversational aspects associated with weight issues can be discarded. When someone else brings up the matter tell them you are feeling better about it all the time, and move on to something more fun to talk about. Do talk about everything you love about yourself and life. Read my articles if you like and search out all you can about the law of attraction, look for Abraham-Hicks. Choosing to be happy is the most powerful thing you can do. Never eat when you are not happy and never be unhappy after eating. If you are, find ways to release those emotions and look for things you love about yourself.

Leave the past conversations alone. Law of attraction lets us know that what you give attention to is made real. Be careful what you say to yourself and others. Say things like “I enjoy that I can deliberately choose to be happy about my size and shape. I’m happier everyday and that the process is exciting to me. I can continue doing all that I do to love my body a little more every day. I’m building my love and happiness about my self each day. I love to eat and I enjoy that my body uses it to produce the ideal appearance. What really excites me is the feeling of joy I am experiencing. The idea that I can increase my joyful feelings about my self is great and exciting.”

This may be a radical change of operation for you. And you may discover things along the way that will cause you to be happier than you have ever been.