Be the Woman He Adores

Be the Woman He Adores

How can I be the girl for him? How can I capture his attention? How do I make him see the real me? If you think making him want you has anything to do with your body, read on for a new awakening.

Looks and sex is far off the way to be the woman he adores. Adoration is not about physicality or lust. Adoration comes from the soul and recognition of your inner person. To be the woman he adores you have to be something emotionally adorable.

Think about the man you want and what he’s all about. Is he the academic achiever more focused on goals and life? He’s not going to go for the girl five years away from being worried about having a career and planning a future. The party girl isn’t the best match for an honors student.

Read his behavior and how he thinks. The scholar cares about learning more and becoming a successful person. He cares about having fun while he feels studying is more important. Pay attention to subjects he talks about and what he thinks about. If you’re two different people it may not be worth trying. Find common interests to talk about.

Does he like going to the beach or museums? Does he have a hobby for model airplanes or riding a motorcycle? Learn a little about the things that make him happy and ways he likes to spend his time. Maybe sports aren’t his thing so find what is. There’s something that you two both enjoy for bonding time.

Guys look for the one who understand who they are and respect them. He isn’t going to go for you if there’s no intellectual connection and respect. He will go for the girl that is fun. Be the woman he adores and appreciate him as the person he is.