10 Tools to Attract Better Results in Your Life

10 Tools to Attract Better Results in Your Life

Where does your energy come from? If you reply: “From my thoughts”, you are correct, for every thought you have requires a decision that needs to be made. In turn, your consistent decision-making will lead to actions that need to be taken. These actions then lead to the habits you carry out which form your character/identity until finally, your DESTINY has been created. It all begins with your thoughts.

Another question: are you your thoughts or are your thoughts you? Think about it! Which one comes first? They are basically in equilibrium.

Your thoughts have the very pronounced ability to affect your state. If, for example, you are having depressed thoughts, you are putting yourself in a depressed state. The opposite is also true: when you are in a happy state, you will think happy thoughts and you will be in the best position to make improved decisions.

Consider the following. 100,000 cycles per second is the desired frequency at which your positive thoughts vibrate. At this frequency, you experience love, joy and happiness. You have an increased capacity for creativity and you are thinking with your heart. This is the access point for finely honed decision-making. You are working on purpose when your thoughts vibrate at this frequency.

When your thoughts vibrate at 20,000 cycles per second, a totally different scenario is created. You experience anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. You have an increased chance of pain with a corresponding decrease in creativity. It is at this frequency where your “critical voice” operates.

In regard to the frequency at which your thoughts vibrate, the choice is yours. You can oscillate anywhere between 20,000 to 100,000 cycles per second. You can either spiral upwards or downwards between the two variables. The key is to play out life at the higher frequencies to yield the best outcomes.

If you feel that you are performing effectively in the key areas of your life and a bad thought enters your head and discolours your outcome, then the pathway downwards can be depicted as follows: bad thought > bad state > bad thought > bad state. All the while, you are spiralling downwards.

What can you do to stop this downward spiral? There are a number of tactics that you can employ to do this, but the chief consideration is to interrupt the downward trend.

Remember that physiology is a major asset to you during this stage.

The mere movement of getting up for a walk changes our physiology. From being in a stooped depressed state we can change our emotional state in a heart beat. All of a sudden our posture is upright, we are breathing more full and this begins the thought clarification process.

In conjunction with the key tactic of changing your physiology, asking better questions when you find yourself in a downward spiral is also invaluable. Ask yourself: “What’s GREAT about this?” and/or: “What can I learn from this?”

When you notice the language you are using and make the appropriate changes, you are well on the way to rising upwards. An example of effective language modification (and asking a better question) would be if you find yourself saying: “I don’t have the time”, change this to: “How else can I find the time?” You will discover that your brain will very quickly find improved answers to your improved questions. In the example given about time, your mind will more than likely work towards helping you to prioritise your time so that what really needs to get done will get done.

The objective of course is to keep the upward spiral continuing so it is essential to avoid negative thoughts and to cease paying attention to your limiting beliefs, those thoughts that are not the truth and that lead you to live a life of limitation. Break those limiting beliefs!

Qualifying this information further, here is an example of what typically happens when you are in the process of accelerating the upward spiral. You may say, for instance, the following: “I want to save an additional $10,000”. You begin to focus on budgeting, and increasing your career wage or business profits, your life begins to spiral upward, and things are going well.

Suddenly, you may hit $8000 and perhaps this is a level of saving you haven’t been at before or haven’t been at for a very long time, and even though you have a desire to reach $10,0000, it feels like something’s holding you back. Your “critical voice” says to you: “You’ve never really saved $8000 for years, and it feels you’ve never really gone past this level before”. Result: You get comfortable and you slacken off with the saving and budgeting, your momentum is halted. You start falling downwards and you may overspend and your savings drop to $5000.

PAIN kicks in. You say: “I DON’T WANT TO BE BACK HERE AGAIN! THIS IS NOT WHERE I WANT TO BE!!” So, you spiral upwards again. All of this is to explain that the key in this equation is not just to EXTEND YOUR MAXIMUM LEVEL, however it is important to believe that you can achieve it and deserve it.

Be aware of your maximum level so that next time, you will be able to say: “I can do this and I deserve this”. If you do not believe that you are capable of achieving your outcome, then you may experience a downward spiral. The foremost consideration is to always be looking to spiral upwards!

In order to maintain a positive upward spiral, it is recommended that you choose any of the following tools (below), and watch how you shift your focus towards creating a great day.


• Nature. Connect with the peace that Nature provides, while disconnecting with all of society’s mechanical contraptions. Just be in the moment. Become silent.

• Music. Choose your favourite song one of highly positive energy vibration.

• Exercise. Remember: PHYSIOLOGY IS FIRST, FIRST IS PHYSIOLOGY! This does not mean that you have to run marathons! A sensible exercise regime changes your blood flow; it gets the capillaries open so that blood flows freely to all parts of your body. Oxygen flows to your blood cells and OXYGEN IS LIFE!

• Meditation. This essential tool brings you to the present, while also giving you silence of the mind, creativity and peace.

• Incantations and Affirmations: Speak that you wish to become. Empower yourself with positive language

• Mastermind. Ask someone who has already done what you wish to do! In other words, the wheel was invented once; there is no need to reinvent it! Give yourself a shortcut to success and a faster result!

Keep a brain trust of positive people around you. perhaps a mentor or a coach who can be your sounding board

• Goals. Make them inspirational goals, the ones that make it a joy to get up in the morning for!

• Memories. Recall those positive memories and precedents and emotionalise them! Recall them with passion!

• Power of Contrast. Appreciate what you have got and contrast yourself with others who don’t have what you have. This is all about how you process your perception of life. Ask: “What’s precious about this moment?” Bring gratitude to a higher priority in your thinking.

• Contribution. Give what you want to receive. If you are missing something in your life, just give it unconditionally to others.

Effective and consistent use of these tools will change your day and your life.