Laws of Attraction – 4 Laws You Can Use to Your Advantage

Laws of Attraction – 4 Laws You Can Use to Your Advantage

Do you wonder why some people are instantly attracted to some people but not others? Do you wish you knew more about the laws of attraction so you could use them to your benefit? Are you mysteriously attracted to some people but can’t quite figure out what the chemistry is that attracted you? Human attraction has been studied by experts for a long time. There are some interesting things that have been learned and here are a few of them.

The following are a few of these laws of attraction.

1. Smell – One of the most powerful of the attractants that people experience is how someone else smells. Animals have something called pheromones that both males and females of a species excrete to attract members of the opposite sex. Although science has not found a human pheromone receptor, it should come as no surprise that certain fragrances attract others. When people smell good they are more attractive to both men and women.

2. Color – Women should wear a pink-peach outfit to make themselves most approachable. This color is flattering to most women, makes them look a little vulnerable and is said to bring out the protective instinct in men. However, if you want to come on strong then red is your color. Red is the most sensual color and shows that the women wearing it are strong. Deep red, burgundy or plum also project a similar vibe. If you don’t want to scare off men who are afraid of strong women then don’t wear these colors.

3. Body Talk – If you are trying to attract a man, you should consider not appearing too strong. Although you may want a man who can handle being with a women who is strong, it is much more difficult and stressful to men to approach women who appear like they may shut them down. A little vulnerability helps attract more men. Don’t take up too much space when you stand near other people. When women take up a lot of space, gesture dramatically and appear aggressive, guys shy away. Try to look a little vulnerable and guys will find it much easier to approach you. Although it may seem contradictory, if you are both vulnerable and appear popular, then me will find you all the more attractive. The way to appear popular is to try to center yourself in your group but don’t let them block access to you in case a guy wants to approach you.

4. Smile – A smile is the universal symbol of friendliness. Don’t overdo it a paste a big fake smile on your face. A natural friendly smile is a sign that even if you shut them down, you won’t make a guy who tries to approach you feel like an absolute fool.

The laws of attraction are pretty straight forward and work well for anyone. Who can resist someone who smells good, is approachable and looks great? Remember to try these techniques the next time you go out to see if you can put the laws of attraction to work for you.