How to Keep Him In Love – Pointers to Remember

How to Keep Him “In” Love – Pointers to Remember

Here is the setting: you are in a relationship, or in the process of one at least, and you can’t get over the thought of showing him that you love him or letting him have the opportunity to show that he cares for you, or even better, showing his love for you. So what’s holding him back? Men in general usually look at falling in love as a serious matter, so convincing talks about “no to fall in love” will encourage guys to simply fray from falling in love.

A point to remember: men hate being pressured. Pressuring guys into situations may make them feel annoyed, or worse, making them angry. Men like being in control, and if you take that away from them, they may look at you as not being the right one for them.

Here’s another pointer: do not try too hard. Trying too hard would be one of the worst mistakes you can do – as you will waste your time and effort on someone that you may not end up with. Spending time and effort to make a guy really happy would make him look flattered by all the attention he’s getting from you, but the sad truth is, he will most likely be finding a way out. Why would he be finding a way out despite all the attention you are giving him? The very act of trying too hard will give him the impression of you not having a life of your own. Men look more at women who are self-assured and autonomous, not those whose whole life steadily focuses on them.

Lastly, men like women who “have a life” meaning women who have a job, and well educated; independent. You would definitely want to prove to him that you are the whole package: everything he wants in a woman.

Having “a life” will also prevent you from becoming jealous when he hangs out with his buddies, because both of you will have equal experiences especially when you hang out with your friends as well. Being equal will give both of you a better understanding of each other.