Goal Setting – Do You Think It Helps To Achieve Your Goals?

Goal Setting – Do You Think It Helps To Achieve Your Goals?

Goal Setting. Do you think that if you write your goals down on paper they will be achieved quicker than if you just have them floating around in your head?

Of Course they will. There have been many studies done over the years with groups of people: 1 group writing their goals down and the other not and the ones who wrote them done ended up being worth more than the people who didn’t. They had achieved there goals and were living the lifestyle that they had wanted to live.

They say that ink on paper is 10 times more powerful than just thinking and dreaming it. So what are you waiting for get your goal books out and start putting your goals down on paper.

Many people will now get stuck how do you write a goal for it to become reality. Well there are many different ways but the one that most people seem to agree on is to write it down as if it has already happened. So put a date that you want to have achieved that goal by and then write it like: I am now sitting in my brand new silver BMW X5, I can smell the leather seats as I start the engine. It sounds so quiet. I release the hand brake and with my hands on the leather steering wheel I drive out the dealers drive. I indicate to go right, the kids are in the back with their own DVD’s playing, they are squealing with delight as they are so thrilled to be in our new car etc, etc.

See how you have the emotion attached, you can smell the leather, hear the indicator, DVD players. It is like you are really in your new dream car. You really need to feel it, smell it, live it for it to come true.