Avoid Killing The Attraction – By Not Making These 3 Common Mistakes

Avoid Killing The Attraction – By Not Making These 3 Common Mistakes

How do you get a guy to love you without driving him away? Are you ready to move into a long term relationship but aren’t sure how to get there? Do you know what drives men away and how to avoid it? If you want to finally find a long term loving relationship, you will need to avoid these three common mistakes that women make.A�A�A�A�A�

Don’t try too hard

So many women go overboard in order to get a man to love them. If only they knew that this actually turns men off! If you are trying too hard to get him to love you, he will think you desperate and cheap. Instead, be independent and be yourself!

Don’t push

Men develop much slower than women when it comes to love. As a result, many women get impatient. They resort to nagging, pressuring, and threats in order to get a guy to start making an emotional investment. However, this is only driving him away. If instead, you give him space and time to develop at his own pace, you will find that he will naturally start to love you because he feels safe to do so.

Don’t let him be your world

It is easy, once you fall in love, to want to spend every waking moment with your guy. This is also a normal feeling. However, by doing this, men tend to get turned off. They want to know that you can still be yourself when you are around them. This crazy over the top feeling will fade eventually. Sure, you will still want to be around him. However, it won’t be so overwhelmingly strong. So, instead of letting yourself get lovesick and ultimately driving him away, remember that you are a great person with a great life. Allow the two of you some time to be individuals. Take time for yourself and your friends. This will communicate that you can be happy without him but that you want to share your life with him. This will attract him instead of making him want to run.

Getting him to fall in love simply comes down to continuing to be yourself. You want him to know that you care deeply for him, but you don’t want to smother him. Your character and uniqueness is what will get him to fall in love. You just have to remember to be patient.