The Professional Woman Underdog Syndrome in the Arena of Love

The Professional Woman Underdog Syndrome in the Arena of Love

Men need a feeling of excitement in order to be attracted to a woman. A wondering of what she is about and what she is doing that keeps him guessing. When chasing very in tune with their emotions when chasing a women- whether it for reasons of love or lust. It is often these emotions that the woman receives from the man that takes her through the first stages of relationship. Men most often want the same things that women do from a relationship, a companion, a soul mate and someone that they can be sexual. They want a relationship that will provide happiness and contentment and not one that is constantly a battle. They want a woman that cares about them, but at the same time is confident and self-assured.

However, many men do not look for these quantities in a woman. Often times you see the men dating the easy mark. While many beautiful women may sit on the side lines while Sally Slinger lands the man with her tightly knit skirt from Wal-Mart and high heels, the man indeed is finding instant gratification, and for many men that is what attracts- and what leaves many women fading into the scenery. Men do not always examine what they want in a woman or what they are hoping a woman to be or to be able to offer them. So, what is the best beat for a modern career woman that wants the man to take notice of her before the Sally Slinger in the scene? Dress the part, only with class!

Do not go in for the cheap vinyl mini-skirts or the business suit, but find beautiful silks and materials that are comfortable and glamorous and that you are comfortable in. Don’t be easy. Forget to call him back. And when you speak to him be a little concealed about your girls’ night out. Don’t give him all the information he needs to know. Him knowing that you have a life with him there or not is a good thing.

Don’t push and don’t be smothering. Let him take charge. The man needs to be in control in order to feel that he is making the decisions as to what he wants. Many men stay away from strong women because they are in fear of being emasculated. He must be sure that he is “the man” at all times…a strong, forceful, intelligent woman is not always safe.

What men need the most is understanding. You must understand how they choose their dates with you, how they react when you ignore them, and why they feel they need to be in control. If you are willing to make a few adjustments to the way you talk to and act around men, you will find that men do love strong, and they do love successful women.