Laws Of Detachment

Laws Of Detachment

The law of detachment is the most important part of manifestation. Most people are unaware of the power that lies within detachment. Have you ever noticed that things come to you when you don’t need them? For instance, you have been looking for employment for months unsuccessfully. Then, as soon as you find a new job the offers pour in. Why does this happen? To understand this we need to look at attachment.

When you are attached to form there is an underlying emotion present. We identify this emotion or feeling as fear. This is the fear of loss or failure. Here’s what happens, first we get excited about a new desire. Then if we haven’t attained this goal in a timely manner negativity arises. If the desire is strong the excitement turns into desperation. At this point we are in a vibration that renders us powerless for the time being.

From this state of need and uncertainty our performance suffers. In most cases our mind is focused on the things we don’t want disallowing access to our creative faculties. Not only is our quality of work affected by this but the actual amount of action we take is diminished greatly. This is due to the paralysis of analysis. “I must find out the quickest way to achieve my goal.” You spend more time thinking than acting. The actions you do take are weak because you are not present. When the mind is in the past or future you are powerless now.

So what do we do about this dilemma? We must detach ourselves from the outcome and focus on our actions. Once again you only have power in the now. With this knowing, living in the present becomes the only logical way to exist.

When you are detached the right things happen at the right times. You are calm, confident and you begin to act on inspiration. The mind isn’t split between now and the future. As we are completely present, our actions become of the highest quality. This combined with creativity and clear vision ensures success.

At this point you might ask how can I detach? The answer is quite simple. When you feel a certain way the environment gives you evidence of your feelings. You could say that the “outside world” is only a mere reflection of the way you feel. Now understand this, the feeling precedes the physical manifestation. So when something good or bad happens it doesn’t really matter because you have already been feeling that way. I’ll say this another way. If I become rich then I must have been feeling rich consistently. The money only becomes evidence of my consistent state of being. Knowing this will put you at ease in seemingly stressful situations. Thoughts first, emotions second, actions third manifestation last.

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