Do You Know How to Earn the Love of a Man? Get Started Right Here

Do You Know How to Earn the Love of a Man? Get Started Right Here

Do you have no idea how to earn the love of a man? Are you quite comfortable turning men on and gaining their sexual interest, but you can’t manage more? Do you now want a more profound relationship and you would like to know how to get past the sexual aspect? You’re not the only one to rely so heavily on sex as a relationship starter, but it’s time you learned to start elsewhere.

Watch any happy couple as they stroll through the park, have dinner at a restaurant or go shopping together. Just the fact that they are out and about doing these activities should be enough to convince you that a relationship needs to have more than just sex to keep it going.

There’s a good chance that these couples you meet have very fun, wild and loving sexual encounters, but they also have a friendship and loving bond that holds it all together. And this is where you need to start. When you befriend a man, you’re taking the time to really get to know him on a variety of levels, and you’re showing him the woman you really are.

Ideally, you might even want to completely forget the fact that you’re looking for a lifelong mate. If you’re just having fun, talking about things that interest you both and you’re allowing a fun connection that is filled with admiration and attraction for one another, you’re well on your way to a relationship that won’t be confined to the bedroom.

Being his friend should also keep you from putting any pressure on him to become your boyfriend. When he sees that you’re not going to turn into some maniac who is going to want to take control of him, the relationship and his whole life, he can relax and allow his heart to open up to you on his own time.

Earn the love of that man by being patient and forever fun.