3 Techniques For Deflating Pressure When You Talk To Women

3 Techniques For Deflating Pressure When You Talk To Women

When you talk to a woman, usually there will be pressure on both sides when the conversation first begins. This because both parties know what is happening: you are trying to seduce this woman. She is obviously be nervous because she may not like you and will have to try to get out of the conversation without hurting your feelings. You may also be nervous because you trying to make her feel attracted to you. There is a very good technique that you can use which can deflate this pressure and make the conversation more positive.

1. Time Constraints.

This is a great technique that you can use when you first begin to talk to a woman. The reason it’s so effective is it gives the conversation a time period so that she will feel that you won’t be hanging around her. Even if she is attracted to you, this is still a great way to deflate pressure.

The way to use a time constraint is to imply that you only have a limited amount of time to chat to her and you will soon be gone. This means she knows she only have to deal with the stress of the conversation for this time and this will make her feel more relieved and relaxed.

2. Tell Her You Are Also Nervous.

When you first begin to talk to a woman she will be nervous. It is a good idea to let her know that you are also nervous which puts both of you on the same level. You obviously don’t want to be a nervous wreck as she will be really put off by that. Being a little shy is great and is a great way to show her that you are human and not a socially immune robot. You can then start to make her feel more comfortable by becoming relaxed yourself, bringing her to a mind-set where she feels safe with you. So if you pick up on that fact she is pretty nervous, let her know you are too, and make her feel comfortable with you.

3. Change The Subject.

It is always a good idea to let your intentions be known up front with women. They will respect your honesty, guts and confidence. However, its always a great manoeuvre to quickly change the subject so that she doesn’t get too embarrassed. This is a great way of deflecting attention away from the reason you are speaking with her. You can talk about anything other than your attraction to her. You can even ask questions about her and listen to her responses. If she is too shy, then you can talk about things that interest you. The point here to is to let her know why you are talking to her, then getting off the subject so that she can start to feel relaxed around you.

When talking with women, use these three techniques to deflate the pressure of the situation and bring the relationship to a more relaxed level.